Favorite Way to Spend a Lazy Day

This is the first post to a new blog series I’m planning on starting. It started in Target, where I saw notebook with the words “300 Writing Prompts.” Since I enjoy writing, I thought I would pick it and see what I found. I’m going to post my answers to some of the writing prompts.

Here’s the first one: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

In truth, no lazy days exist for me. I like to be productive on my days “off.” For me this means getting up at 4:30AM, drinking Spark, going in my basement and journaling through a devotional I’m working through at the moment (Thomas a Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ). I follow this up by doing my Bible reading for the day and recording my thoughts in my journal.

Then I usually go to the gym and lift weights for about thirty minutes, followed by a three to five mile run. When I get home I wash up, get some food, and then it’s back to the basement. I usually finish up the morning completing the reading I need to do for my DMin program.

After all this I usually spend time with my wife and children, running errands and having all kinds of fun.

This is how I typically spend my days off. This is my version of a “lazy day.”


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