Bulldogs, Mortars, and God’s Love

Jesus, you love us so much that when we love you less, you come after us with bulldog-tenacity and uncomfortable providences. You are unrelenting in your commitment to rescue our hearts from illusions and mirages, broken cisterns and empty idols. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Scotty Smith

“The Lord abhors pride and self-importance. The seeds of these evils are in the hearts of his own children; but rather than suffer that which he hates to remain in those he loves, he will in mercy pound them as in a mortar, to beat it out of them, or to prevent its growth” – John Newton, Letters.

The will and ways of Heaven’s hound must fill our hearts and saturate our very being before we come to see his jealous love for us as gracious gift. God loves us enough to make our lives uncomfortable. He loves us enough to pursue us. He doesn’t “wet nurse us with words but defends us with present help” (Calvin).

We have a way of walking through life rather casually and nonchalantly until everything falls apart. The truth is every day we’re at the mercy of God. It’s just that sometimes we sense that helplessness more than others.

Kiss the hand that throws you against the rocks. Make the decision now, with God’s help, to commit your spirit to God (Psalm 31:5). You can trust him. After all, his Son committed his spirit to the Father on the cross for you.


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