Slaying the Thirst for Recognition

Revised and updated

“I want the voice of honest praise
To follow me behind,
And to be thought in future days
The friend of human kind,
That after ages, as they rise,
Exulting may proclaim
In choral union to the skies
Their blessings on my name”[1]

I wish I could say those words didn’t describe me. But they do. Count Zinzendorf’s life motto of, “Preach the gospel. Die. Be forgotten,” might accurately portray a few pious souls, but I’m not one of them. At least not yet.

Being the pensive soul that I am, I wonder: Where does this thirst come from? Why the hunger for recognition? For me (and this is embarrassing to write publically) it stems from a desire to be admired, to be well-thought of. Sadly, I want you to think I’m amazing . . . at everything. The thirst for recognition arises within my heart when I’m not…

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