Monday Morning Poetry

In this week’s edition of MMP, I’ve selected a poem written by Pastor Calvin Miller entitled, “The Madonna and the Child-Man.” Some background is necessary in order to appreciate this one. The poem was written for two of his congregants: Nola and Bubba. Bubba suffered from advanced cerebral palsy, and his mother, Nola, cared for him around the clock. Sadly, Nola died when Bubba was sixteen years old. Nola’s greatest heartbreak was that her son never knew her name. Pastor Miller wrote this poem in one of his journals:

Arise, sweet child, never destined to become a man,

You’re soon to die, exactly as you came.

A small, illiterate, dependent soul,

Who never learned your mother’s name.


She never did resent your failure to mature,

She accepted you exactly as you came.

And never could have loved your more,

Had you the wherewithal to call her name.


Die now, at the mystic age of manhood.

Enter heaven with no earthly blame

And wait there quietly until she comes,

Then welcome her by calling out her name.



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