Why I’m Taking a Break from Facebook and Why I Wrote on Pastors Quitting

Apparently my post about taking a break from facebook and my recent blog on pastors quitting has caused quite a stir. Let me explain my reasoning:

I chose to leave facebook for a while because I believe social media stops me from doing certain things I want to do. It’s almost like default for me: When there’s nothing to do, I’ll check facebook. Why? Just because. I don’t like that about myself, so I’m stopping. I’ve taken the app off my phone to help me resist the urge. My plan is to take 40 days off.

Why did I write about pastors quitting? Not because I’m planning on quitting! The ministerial dropout rate has long been a concern for me. With the information provided by the Schaeffer Institute, I was led to think about it afresh. The recent blog was simply some thoughts I had on the issue. I hope the blog will lead people to evaluate pastors in a more biblical way. Ministry is not like any other profession. Ultimately, a pastor must be evaluated on the basis of his faithfulness to Scripture, not by how many people attend the church. Again, I would strongly, strongly, encourage everyone to purchase a copy of Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome. I cannot recommend that book highly enough.

For those concerned, let your mind be at ease. I’m not quitting!


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